Duty Free Operations

Duty Free Operations 17.02.2017

Duty Free Operation  Founded in 1942 by Adem and Vedat Kaner brothers. KANER Duty Free is part of KANER Group of Companies who does business with global best-in-class giants such as Diageo, Philip Morris, Imperial Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Dominos, Gloria Jean’s Coffees. After being the first company to obtain a Duty Free Operating License in North Cyprus in 1975, KANER Group Of Companies secured exclusive operating rights to the Duty Free Operation at North Cyprus Ercan Airport in 2013 for 25 years. Kaner… Continue >>

Kaner Group of Companies 17.02.2017

Brief History   Company Profile Click here for Kaner Group of Companies website. Continue >>

Introduction to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Introduction to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 17.02.2017

Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, the island of Cyprus is at the crossroads of Europe, Near East and Northeastern Africa. In addition to economic investment advantages due to its location, it is also a must-see place because of its unparalleled beauty. Its close proximity to Istanbul allows travelers from all around the world to easily reach North Cyprus. Socio-Economic Facts: Economic system based on free trade. Dominant Sectors: Hospitality, Tourism (Mass tourism as well as gaming, convention… Continue >>